Report by Shane Honea, Researcher for the Georgia Bigfoot Society

DATE: November 1991
COUNTY: Barrow
NEAREST TOWN: Winder, Georgia

It was 3,200 acres we had leased to coon hunt on. It had several streams and a large creek running through it. There were dense woods,open pastures as well as a swampy area.

General description of events: We had turned the dogs out of the truck at the intersection of dense woods,the creek and the edge of a pasture. We had been walking for 30 or 40 minutes in the woods following the dogs as they struck up a raccoon. They started running the coon to try to tree it. We started walking in their way then we started to hear something walking in the woods behind and to the right of us. We kept on hearing the movement getting closer. Mind you this is at night and we are using hunting lights periodically shining our path. Everytime we stopped the noise stopped. We first thoght it was one of our hounds coming up behind us but the noise of the walking was too loud. We listened closely and could hear the distinctive voices of all of our hounds treeing across the creek. He stood there in silence and no lights on listening to the dogs tree as well as the noise behind us. One of my hunting partners,Hubert, said that when he counted to 3 for myself and Ray to shine our lights in the direction of the noise and he would throw his rifle up in case he needed to fire. When we shinned the lights we saw,not too far away, a large dark object standing on 2 legs run off away from us in the direction of a hill that was straight ahead of us. That was all we saw and heard. I do remember a strong smell that started about the time we first heard the movement. I first thought it was a skunk or something but finally put 2 and 2 together and realized what just took place. That was the total encounter that night. I do remember on past hunting trips that we heard strang vocalizations coming from deep in the woods on many occasions. Ray,who was a chicken farmer who oversaw the land,would on occasion say that there was a "Werewolf" living around the property. Ray and Hubert both had told me stories of seeing strange footprints down by the camper near the creek. I never witnessed any footprints the time that I hunted there. In later years I put all this information together and realized that their was at least one Bigfoot on the property.

Activities that were going on just before the encounter: We had pulled up in our normal area,got our gear on and turned the hounds out of the dogbox. The dogs headed into the woods and we followed behind.

Other witnesses present: Hubert and a guy named Ray who lived on the land we leased. He hunted with us almost everytime we went.

Subject description: The creature was very large and muscular. It was dark in color and was walking upright. That was all I was able to observe.

Description of any footprints or tracks observed: Footprints were spotted down by the creek several weeks prior to my encounter. I never observed the prints.

Sounds heard before or during the encounter: I never heard any vocalizations that night but I did on several occasions after my first encounter. All we heard that night was something large moving through the woods,crunching of leaves and sticks.

Description of any other physical evidence such as damaged plant life at the scene: We did not investigate. We went and caught our dogs and walked back to the truck. We loaded up the dogs and left.

Additional information: The only other facts that I feel that are important was the footprints and vocalizations as described earlier.