Man surprised by a large, hairy creature while sleeping in his truck.

Report by Mike (last name witheld)

DATE: Late May or early June of 1971
COUNTY: Charlton
NEAREST TOWN: Near Folkston, Georgia

My wife, son and I were traveling down 301 at night in Late May or early June of 1971 just after I finished my first year at Appalachian State University at Boone, NC.

I was driving a 53 ford pick- up which was loaded with enough household furniture to spend the summer in south Florida where I would be working in construction. My wife was driving a yellow '65 mustang. The truck quit running about 5 or 6 miles north of Folkston around 9 p.m. We were trying to make it to Jacksonville to stay with relatives for the night. I didn't know what to do about the truck because it was dark. I asked the owner of a small trailer park near the intersection where my truck broke down if we could pitch our tent on his front lawn. He said ok. We got situated in the tent sometime around 10 P.M. The truck was about 60 yards away from the tent and it was parked on the shoulder just short of a side road. I did not feel comfortable leaving all our belongings out there on the road unprotected. I told my wife I was going to sleep in the cab of the truck just in case somebody decided to stop and pilfer. She had my shotgun for protection. I walked to the truck and laid on the seat with my feet against the driver door and went to sleep. I had only been out of the service a couple of years and was still a light sleeper. I woke at about 0100 and was looking at the face of a man who was peering through the driver window at me and appeared to be a white man's face but completely surrounded by a huge afro style mat of hair. I guess the hair around the face must have been over a foot wide. I still don't know why but I wasn't frightened. I leaned toward the driver door to open it and find out what the man wanted and he ran toward the back of the pick-up. Well, I opened the door and stepped out on the road as he ran around behind the truck. I walked toward where he went and he ran down the embankment from the road in total darkness into the woods. There was a street light on the corner at the trailer park which cast enough light that I believed knew what I saw at the truck. The thing that struck me as strange was the speed this man ran into the woods and the loud breaking of limbs on trees as he ran away into the woods in total darkness. There was just a continuous crashing and popping of limbs! I could not believe any normal man would or could go crashing into the woods running at full speed in the dark. At first, I figured it was some homeless character and he wouldn't be back. But the more I thought about it, I just never was convinced that it was a normal human. Judging from the mass a body would have to be to break big limbs off the trees as he ran, the thing had to be more than 300 or 400 pounds. The popping limbs were like the sound from the woods during an ice storm. I don't believe any normal human could have done that, especially in pitch darkness. I witnessed it alone and had no proof so I never made much of a deal about it.

Recently some people in Caesar, NC claimed to have had an encounter with a big two legged varmint near their house. I went to high school with one of the people in Caesar who retired from AT&T and he told me that “knobby” has been seen around there for years and is about 9 feet tall and covered with hair.