Report submitted by email

COUNTY: Chatham
WITNESS: Carla Hafford
TYPE: Sighting

Hello, my name's Carla Hafford. It's been a long time, but I still remember him quite well. I know it had to be a male bc of all the masculine features. Back in 1986, I lived in a trailer park off Old Dean Forest Rd in Savannah, Ga. It was right before Halloween when my best friend at the time & myself saw him. It was about 11:30 that night, we was walking back from the store (Shop & Go), when we spotted him in the thickets where old pig pens still stood from back in the day. He was crouched down by them in the moonlight, everywhere else was dark, no street lights, but the moon had him lit up. Their's a little stretch of woods in between Old Dean Forest Rd & Dean Forest Rd, he was in this stretch. When we first seen him, he was about 20ft from us. It was cool that night, so I could see his breath when he breathed. We both froze right in front of him, then my friend threw her stuff down on the road & run like hell. For some reason I didn't run, I wanted to know more, so I just stared at him, trying to figure him out. Then he stood up very tall. I could see everything about in the full moonlight. I was looking for a monkey suit, but he wasn't wearing one. I knew this bc I could see his gray skin beneath his long hair, also I could see the muscles in his wide chest move with each breath & movement that he made, I see his air coming out of his wide nose, I could hear grunts coming from him. I swear he acted like that he wanted to tell or show me something, I could see this in his face. His face was very large & broad, he had an ape wide nose, thick lips, but it was his eyes, that held my attention. I've never seen eyes like that, but on the Grey Aliens, only in pics though. He had wide, deep black almond shaped eyes, very intense looking. That's how I knew that I was looking at the real thing. When he started to move closer to me, that's when something in me made me get away from him, I ran to my friend, that was now standing at the entrance to the trailer park, also where our first street light was. My friend was walking in a circle cussing & saying, "Hell no! Did you see him?" I tried to calm her down, tried to get her to walk back to investigate what we just seen, but no luck. Then a few minutes later, he decided to come out to the middle of the road. He walked on all fours to the middle of the road like an very large animal, then he stood upright, that's when we could see his true size. He stood about 8 1/2 - 9ft tall, he was very large & had very broad shoulders. We looked at each other for about 10 more minutes, before we decided to walk on to the next store to see if we could find a county cop, we found one, he didn't believe us at first of course. Then they had 10 or so police cruisers with 2 ppl per car & a helicopter within a 15 minutes on that site where we saw him at. So, if the cop really didn't believe us, then why all the show & drama? After the cops cleared out, we went home, we was sitting in my friends bedroom, we turned the radio on, & in the middle of the song, that was already playing, the song stopped, their was like a man's voice that we heard on the radio saying, "turn on the TV". Ok we lost it again for a minute, trying to talk ourselves into turning on the TV. When we did, I guess it was too late, nothing but static & snow, that's with Cable TV, so the static & snow really shouldn't have been there. We tell my mom about it, she gets up, gets dressed, tells us to show her where he was. We showed her & there he was in the same spot as before. That was the last time, that I saw him. Also on that same evening, but earlier, we saw a shooting star right around where we saw him. I guess it was a shooting star? But, I know that he wasn't wearing an ape suit bc I could see all of his features beneath his hair, muscles moving, him breathing, also I could see his privates beneath his hair. You could never see any of these features on a person wearing an ape suit, just the real thing.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 11:30 PM under a bright moonlight.

OTHER WITNESSES: A female friend of the witness.

ENVIRONMENT: A small wooded area.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The sighting occured just off the road in a small stretch of woods lying between Old Dean Forest Road and Dean Forest Road.