Report submitted by Joel Carroll, Researcher for the Georgia Bigfoot Society

DATE: September 28, 2010 (appx.)
COUNTY: Murray

Railroad tracks through heavily wooded area.

I was on top of a small hill beside the tracks cleaning out brush so I could sit and watch for deer crossing when something caught my eyes. At first I was thinking it was a person, but it wasn't. It came out of an old log road crossing. It was bending over with its hands on its knees, looking north then south. It was checking the tracks to see if they were clear. It didn't see me because I was in the weeds. After looking it stood up and passed under a train crossing sign. It was then that I fully realized it wasn't a man. It walked onto the traks and squated down and started playing with rocks. It did this for about three or four minutes. Then it stood and looked up and down the tracks again and slowly begain walking south in my direction looking off into the woods. At this point I ran back to the house to get my camera. By the time I got back it was gone. I should have kept watching. It was black from head to toe. The hair covered its hands when it was standing. My brother Joel helped me measure under the sign where it had walked. When it walked under the sign its head was just under the sign, approximately one to one-and-a-half feet. When we measured under the sign it was eleven feet, six inches from the ground to the bottom of the sign. This put the creature at about nine-and-a-half to ten feet tall.
NOTE: This thing was not a bear. I have hunted bear and deer my entire life. I have a bear mount on the wall at home. I know the difference. And it wasn't human.

Activities that were going on just before the encounter: Cleaning out brush.

Other witnesses present: None.

Subject description: It was black from head to toe. The hair covered its hands when it was standing.

Description of any footprints or tracks observed: None.

Sounds heard before or during the encounter: None.

Description of any other physical evidence such as damaged plant life at the scene: None.

Additional information: None.