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My name is Savannah and I have had a Bigfoot encounter and feel I need to share it with y'all. I am a native to the northeast Georgia area and have lived in the country my whole life. I have encountered about every type of animal you can think of but have never experienced what I'm about to share with you. My husband's family camps on [name of creek] up near Lake Burton every summer. We decided to go camping in October of 2008 before our little one made her apperence. It's very isolated up there as you have to drive about 30 minutes to the second and last camp ground before the trail head at Addis Gap on the AP Trail. It's October so our campsite and another are the only ones occupied at the time.

I was uncomfortable and couldn't sleep so I rolled over and was watching the fire from the pop up camper. As I was watching I saw something very large pass between the fire and the camper. It was on two legs and was HUGE! It went over to the truck and was snooping around and our dog who never meets a stranger and hardly barks or growls started whining. I was scared but brushed it off. Soon after that, up the hill on the opposite side of the road, I began to hear this knocking and some form of calls. I have heard coyote calls nightly and it was no coyote. I proceeded to wake my husband but it stopped shortly after we began talking. During all of this the other campers were up and blaring their radio and drinking. They even heard it and turned their radio completely off. The next morning they appologised for waking me and saw that I was up near the truck and then asked if I heard the howls. I told her I wasn't at the truck at all last night! Needless to say I reported it to the camp host and she acted like it was nothing! Some of our food was even missing the next morning and it was things that bears couldn't get into without tearing up the bag it was stored in.

Like I said I have been keeping this to myself. I just had this weird feeling for the rest of the trip and did not go out to the porta potties at night!