Report submitted by email


My name is Jamie of Blairsville GA and I wish to share my encounter experience I had back in the spring of 1994.

It had just gotten dark and the sky was clear with a bright moon that night. Me and a friend were walking back to his house on a dirt road with tall forest on either side. We were about 500 feet from his house when he turned and looked over his left shoulder, looked at me and said, "Run!"

I stopped, he took off running, so I looked back and saw a large figure stepping across the ditch from the top of the embankment, about a 4 foot step down. I only stood there for about 4 to 5 seconds but long enough to realize this was a Sasquatch, every bit of 7 plus feet tall and 500-600 pounds and smelled of heavy, musky odor. It gave a snorting sound and moved to its right. That's when I ran to the house. My friend's dogs ran past me from the house and I heard them engage the creature, the sound of 5 chow dogs attacking it and its howling cry. I heard it run through the woods, that's when the dogs came back, two of them limping some and one had a bloody mouth. I could not believe what I had witnessed, or actually heard in the dark, a Sasquatch battling 5 dogs, not to mention I had stood only 30 feet from it.

I have never really shared this story very much but I have seen Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet and saw all the witnesses in Helen, GA on TV so this has given me some courage, if you will.

Some details about the area where this happened: at the time there was a operating chicken house at the end of the dirt road plus a river runs through the property. I think [the creature] was there for the food source and water. My friend said not [long] before this happened that there had been some strange happenings around there, that he had his dogs, late one night, [and they] got into a fight with something in his yard.

The strange incidents stopped after the chicken house shut down. I believe [these] Sasquatch are the same ones beeing seen in Helen. They moved on to a more fruitful area with less people. I'm glad to have shared this with you. I wish you good hunting and good health.