The Right Time...

By Doug Tarrant

Today's sightings and chance encounters are a lot more RARE than going back to the late 1950's when the "Beings" were not intimidated by humans in the woods, forest and mountains.

"They're" very aware of us stalking them today and therefore make the situations of chance encounters harder to come by. Seems only the juveniles are the ones being curious and reckless enough to be sighted while the elders/adults are staying out-of-sight.

When Roger Patterson got footage of that female on film, I'm sure that was a lucky day. Taking it for granted that that was all that happened that day, that we've been told. It's an on-going saga under-wraps of a few who cry conspiracy.

My encounters, two on expeditions were "by chance" as I surprised two "Beings" by coming upon their habitat. And my face to face encounter was where the "Being" came into my camp and my habitat. He wasn't afraid or curious but hungry and didn't seem to pose a threat. But of course, this was many decades ago when the "Beings" were totally unknown except by the Government agencies that were doing a good job of keeping it all covered up. A Government conspiracy by Forest and Park Rangers and Fish & Game. It worked just fine.

TODAY, the "word" is out among their BF cultures and grape vines that "HUMANS" are out in numbers to photograph, capture, shoot and/or take a specimen.

Altho some have ventured into "habitation" with some humans, there are those "Beings" that prefer to play games and accept food with a "hide & seek" mentallity. TRUST has to be earned over time and then there are no guarantees.

So far, there have been no attacks on humans except for a few incidents down in Florida where fishermen by the rivers and canals were reluctant to give up their "string of fish" when the "intent" by the Skunkape was only to "snatch and grab and run." The fishermen only go knocked down on their ass.

I'm still chuckling over one BF researcher, many years ago, down in Florida, who was going to TASER one of the "Beings" and capture it for hair samplesand blood tests then let it go. Hey... TASER an unwilling 800 pound Gorilla in the room FIRST to see if that works for ya. Then see if you can unwrap Yo' Ass from around a CYPRESS TREE and walk out unscathed. Would give new meaning to "Piss'd Off" from a creature that "let you live."

So, today... any encounter is by chance or you just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

And so far... no deranged attacks have been reported from a crazed Bigfoot. At least no reports that we know of. We dealing with a peaceful tribe that prefer not to have anything to do with humans.

One of my Oregon friends who deals with the PNW Sasquatch, says that the Indians up there in Oregon and Washington state, co-exist with the Bigfoot but would rather have nothing to do with each other.

You have here, the modern Indians of today's culture, existing with the early ancient stone age relics/Indians who prefer to remain in their own "lost world" of yesterday.

Doug Tarrant