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Meet Doug Tarrant...

Although he makes his living these days as a professional entertainer, Doug Tarrant has turned his hand at everything from running down criminals in the twentieth century as a deputy sheriff, to shooting up bad guys in the Old Wild West as an Old West reenactor in such places as Virginia City, Nevada, where he currently resides. He has also performed bit parts as an Old West character in both television and the movies. By all accounts, Doug Tarrant has led an exciting life.

But by his own account, the most unforgettable experience that Doug has ever had happened in 1957 when at his camp in the South Florida wilderness he came face to face with a giant creature that he had never seen before -- what today is known as the Florida Skunkape. It's the Florida version of the legendary Bigfoot. Ever since that memorable day, Doug has been pursuing the creature that most of us know as Bigfoot all over the country.

In the article below, Doug tells anyone who desires to have their own personal encounter with one of these creatures how to go about doing exactly that. It has been edited from several email discussions that I have had with Doug over the past two years or so. Believe me, if there is any one person on this earth who would know how to go about doing something like that, then it's Doug Tarrant.

I hope you enjoy reading this seasoned researcher's take on what it takes to go about the business of making contact with Bigfoot.

K. Steven Monk
Jasper, Georgia
January 2012

Bringing Bigfoot To You
By Doug Tarrant

If you really want an encounter with one of these beings, you have to go out on your own, alone and try for a contact. They're not going to hurt you. You're not a threat. If you can find a foot trail that is not an animal trail, then that's a good sign. Find any trail that leads down to a small stream or water source. Just don't carry a rifle. If you carry a sidearm (like I do) they seem to know that you don't plan to use it. That's for Bear or a mountain Lion.

When you go out into the areas that you suspect are "hot beds..." Sit down... relax... you're probably being watched. If you get that feeling, then do this: give off a "whooping" sound. "Whoop... whoop... whoop!" Then sit and stay quiet. Let a few minutes go by so that, if there is one or two within hearing distance, "they" will analyze your call. Then repeat the Whooping again two or three more times, then wait. Some have used a Dog Whistle, purchased at any good pet store.

If they want to communicate, feeling that you are no threat, and the fact that you are trying to make contact... they will Whoop back, two or three times or more. If they do... Whoop again two more times. Then wait. Have a limb or thick heavy stick handy and try a few knocks against the tree.

You should hear tree knocks back. You won't be able to see them but they are watching you.

HAVE WITH YOU: a bag of carmel popcorn. Also a small bottle of (real) Maple syrup. You can buy a fairly large (see thru) bag of carmel popcorn at the store. When you get whoops or a tree knock... try and figure how close the "answering" was, and the direction. Then if you feel you are within their line of sight... hold up the bag in one hand and the maple syrup in the other. Sort of wave the items around to get their attention. Then place the items on a log or rock or something high or on level ground that it can bee seen from a distance... then back off about 20 feet or more and sit down again... and wait. No results are guaranteed. Might have to repeat the outings many times.

Don't crap your pants if you should see one or two come out of the thickness of the trees or brush line. Do not show fear! They're not going to come any nearer. You are a newcomer to their territory and they will study you for awhile. You may wet your pants, but that's not uncommon. lol... Be sure you go to the bathroom before going on this venture.

You needn't make any more sounds... just observe. They will look you over... and that's what you want them to do. You want them to remember you, your smell, and bringing gifts to them. When they take the goodies and leave, then you leave as well... do not follow. That would be construed as a threat, or possible threat. Remember that spot as you will return at another time frame. They will remember too.

If you don't have any luck with the syrup and carmel popcorn, do what I did... build a campfire on a breezy night and cook some sausage... lots of it to send the smell out into the darkness. The smell will bring ANYTHING in. Be aware of that! If nothing happens, then enjoy your meal. lol...

Regardless of what kind of luck you have with these methods, remember this. Nothing is going to be proved, or shot, or hit by a car without the "powers that be" stepping in and covering it all up. That's been going on for decades... and I've been in this since 1957 and that's many decades. Nothing has changed except for a few observations and common sense and the anthropologist are getting a leg up. Since the masses aren't anthropologist... they will not learn a damn thing except what they are told. We are dealing with a type of HUMAN... some are ancient early Indians, some are feral and some are Neanderthals that are in pockets here and there and most have survived the HUMAN RACE that are us, and want nothing to do with us. I don't blame them. It's the curious juveniles that get sighted or almost hit by cars. The grownups know better and stay out of sight.

So what does that leave us? Right back where we started. The Government covers it all up. Just MYTHS! A personal encounter is the only proof we will likely ever get, but to that individual only. That's as good as it will get. And believe me... up close and personal is enough!

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