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Alabama Bigfoot Research
Member of the RFP Research Project. The RFP Multi-State Research Project is a volunteer group of experienced hunters and woodsmen/women who are conducting scientific field research and investigations regarding the Reclusive Forest Primate, the enigmatic, and as yet unclassified primate commonly called "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch".

Alabama-Georgia Bigfoot Research Group
Hello, we are glad you have come to our site. We are a dedicated group looking to find proof positive that bigfoot lives.

Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers, The (AIBR)
The Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers is a non-profit organization of individuals dedicated to the research and conservation of the species of animal known to Native Americans for centuries by many names, but today called "Sasquatch" or "Bigfoot."

American Bigfoot Society
To investigate and uncover evidence to document, prove, and preserve a species of undocumented North American Primate that may roam the forests of North America. By using methods tried by established sciences we hope to catalog this primate without the need to take the life of it.
    The American Bigfoot Society is a not for profit organization with all proceeds returning into a fund that furthers our research. We are a No Kill organization; and will strive for the free share of information amongst all researchers.

Beyond the Edge Radio Show
Paranormal Talk Radio with an Edge! Your hosts Sean Forker, Eric Altman, and the BTE Staff bring you the best of Paranormal Talk Radio each and every week with interviews and discussions with some of the biggest names in the paranormal community.

Big News Prints
With over 400 newspaper stories, the 282 page BNPs book unearths previously unknown human encounters with hairy man-like creatures! Read important historical narratives as detailed by the media of the times. A must-have for any Sasquatch researcher!

Bigfoot: 'The Patterson Footage' and Jeffrey Meldrum (Videos)
Jeffrey Meldrum is a tenured professor of anatomy at Idaho State University and has recently been in the news. In this link he discusses the Patterson film.

Bigfoot ABC's
BIG FOOT, SASQUATCH, YETI, SKUNK APE, CONGO APE... These are real creatures encountered by countless individuals around the world since time immemorial. World famed ape expert, Dr. Jane Goodall, ape anatomy expert, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, and noted researchers around the globe believe in the existence of these unique creatures. .
    I led several expeditions into the deep wilderness of Oregon, and had personal encounters with these gentle giants, which are documented on this website. It is imperative that the truth concerning Big foot be presented so you can join our mission to protect these incredible creatures. The habitat they need is being cut down, and sent to China on great ships. Consortiums with corrupt and greedy concerns are systematically clear cutting the ancient old growth forests, destroying the eco systems which die along with the trees.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo
Bigfoot Ballyhoo is dedicated to the wonderment of the animal Bigfoot/Sasquatch and to the sharing of that wonderment with others. There are those that believe the animal needs our protection, but for now, he seems, and we believe, to be doing quite well on his own; our opinion, of course, may have to change.

Bigfoot Behavior and Actions
Here is a list of the many types of bigfoot behavior I have noticed while reading through several thousand bigfoot sightings reports posted on bigfoot research websites.

Bigfoot Blues
This is the site on the song "I Still Believe in Bigfoot" by Danny Freyer. It's the only artist-authorized site dedicated to the Bigfoot Song.

Bigfoot Central
This is a website of the Bigfoot Central Foundation - North America's Official Bigfoot Case Datblackabase Headquarters.

Bigfoot Encounters
This website attempts to provide the interested reader or research student with a general overview of the biology of the sasquatch to the same degree that one would expect from, say, a bear website.
      I have tried very hard to provide plausible solutions to the prevailing tendency of journalists to treat the North American sasquatch or bigfoot as a near surreal phenomenon. It is unfortunate that tabloid journalism created a pattern that has driven the entire subject of these creatures into disrepute. This website attempts to offer relevant data in an effort to inform and perhaps educate those who have not seen, set foot or delved into ancient manuscripts for information.

During the past two years I have worked full time on the project to prove the existance of the Wild Man of our woods. I have found three of the four things I consider necessary to prove their existence. Those four being footprints, vocalrecordings, dna, and a picture.

Bigfoot Field Reporter, The
Reporting current events in Bigfoot research around the USA. To promote and share research, information and events regarding the existence of the unlisted primate species known as sasquatch or bigfoot; and to help further education and understanding to the public regarding the species, throughout the United States of America.

Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio Show, The
Sharonlee reports on Bigfoot events and activities across the United States.

Bigfoot Field In West Virginia
If you would like to report a sighting in West Virginia send an email to bigfootinwestvirginia@yahoo.com. All reports will remain confidential.

Bigfoot in Georgia by Jeffrey Wells
The Facebook page for author Jeffrey Wells' Bigfoot In Georgia.

Bigfoot Museum
All things Bigfoot. Curious about Bigfoot? Find interesting articles and information about this legendary creature named Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Newsletter Online
A free newsletter delivered online with information relevant to the bigfoot phenomenon, sasquatch, yeti, orang pendek and related hirsute hominids around the world. This newsletter is geared more toward the novice with basic information although there will be bits of information for the long time researcher. It is a privately owned and moderated newsletter, but related news shared from our subscribers for publication is most welcome.

Bigfoot Reference Guide
Janice Carter's personal website on Bigfoot research.
      "Our Group actively seeks systematic, verifiable, accurate, and profound information that will greatly extend the voluminous and very important Bigfoot sighting records developed over the last 100 years concerning this misunderstood and often feared, species. As a research group, we have satisfactorily proved to ourselves, that Bigfoot are not simply apes, but another species of people!"

Bigfoot Researcher
Bigfoot researcher William Jevning's personal blog.

Bigfoot Sightings
Bigfoot Research and Sighting Reports.

Bigfoot Sightings on Squidoo
During the past few years I've heard plenty of local Bigfoot stories, and have heard from people in other parts of the country who claim to have seen Bigfoot too. I've collected information on my blog, Bigfoot Sightings.

Bigfoot Sketch Project, The
The following project represents the body of artwork that I have created and compiled. This page is meant for people who have seen the creature and are willing to analyze these sketches, and notice similarities between these sketches and their sightings. Clicking on any image will show a larger version.

Bigfoot Surplus
Bigfoot sightings here! Supplier of sasquatch hats, yeti t-shirts, books, videos, souvenirs, gifts, casts and more.

Bigfoot Times
For more than two decades, Daniel Perez has provided his readers with up to date information on Bigfoot via his monthly newsletter Bigfoot Times.

The goal of this website is to provide you with all of the information needed to once and for all prove the existence of the legendary Bigfoot. This site should provide you with enough knowledge so you and whoever else can go out and find Bigfoot for yourself. There are many different methods that can be used to track down this creature. I will leave it up to you on which techniques you feel are the best and most confortable with using to do your research.

Bigfoot's Blog
The personal blog of Steven Streufert, owner of Bigfoot Books in Willow Creek, CA.

These are a few of the songs I have written that have to do with the subject of the North American primate commonly known as Bigfoot. I am happy to share them with you, and I hope you enjoy listening to them. I may add other songs related to the subject of this mysterious being at a later date. Thanks for stopping by -- Lenny Green

Burnt Mountain Preserve Trail
The Burnt Mountain Preserve Trail was developed and built by the Mountain Stewards in 2006 under a Grant funded by the Pickens County Community Resource Association. Visit website more information.

The Michael D. Greene Sasquatch Research Site, hone of the Mike Greene Thermal Video.

Central Ohio Bigfoot Research
The idea of a large undiscovered primate occurring in North America is difficult to accept. I do not know if these creatures exist; I consider investigation into the matter to be a valid scientific undertaking. I've never seen one of these creatures, and will not be convinced of their existence unless I do. As you look through this site, I ask that you evaluate the evidence objectively. If you are already convinced that such a creature does or does not exist, this site will not change your mind. I recently moved back to Ohio, and I am interested in investigating any current Bigfoot reports.

Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ)
At the beginning of the 21st Century monsters still roam the remote, and sometimes not so remote, corners of our planet. It is our job to search for them.
      The Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] is - we believe - the largest professional, scientific and full-time organisation in the world dedicated to cryptozoology - the study of unknown animals. Since 1992 the CFZ has carried out an unparalleled programme of research and investigation all over the world.

Delaware Bigfoot Center
Established on October 20, 2012 the Delaware Bigfoot Center is dedicated to the study of the sasquatch phenomenon in the First State.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum's Website
Evaluation of Alleged Sasquatch Footprints and Their Inferred Functional Morphology

East Tennessee Bigfoot Organization
Dedicated to the study of the Bigfoot phenomenon in East Tennessee.

Encounter at the Caves
This is the story in an article and videos of how psycologist Matthew Johnson's life was changed after he had an encounter with Bigfoot at Oregon Caves National Monument. His story is very convincing support for the existence of these creatures.

Florida Skunk Ape
Home of the Southernmost Bigfoot in the U.S.A. Welcome to the official home and largest collection of Florida Skunk Ape sightings, reports, links and information on the Internet. The goal of this site is to collect as much data as possible about the Florida Skunk Ape. We encourage everyone that had a sighting, or has knowledge of a sighting to report them immediately. Time is crucial.

Footprint Casting - A Guide to Bigfoot Hunting
Footprints are the most common form of evidence to support the existence of Bigfoot. When a footprint is found, a plaster cast of the print is often taken. Many casts have been looked at by professionals and are said to contain dermal ridges. Dermal ridges are similar to fingerprints and all known primates have them. The dermal ridges found on many prints don't appear to belong to any known primate or any other type of known animal. The majority of the casts taken look like they are too complex to be hoaxed and therefore could be linked to an unknown animal. When hunting for this creature, you should always take a picture of the print first, then take a plaster cast.

Footprint Casting Powder
Make evidence impressions on the spot with no mess and no hassle. Footprint Casting Powder is a diestone dental stone material that gives a green color, highly detailed impression with minimum setting time. Just add water and mix in the self-seal bag. We also carry footprint casting frames.

Fouke Monster
The city of Fouke, Arkansas, is a sleepy farming community that gained its popularity in the 1970's as the home of a Bigfoot-like beast known as "The Fouke Monster."

Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch
Frame 352 is a blog that explores the stranger side of Sasquatch. It supports a "No Kill, No Capture" position.

Georgia Bigfoot Research and Investigation
Georgia Bigfoot Research and Investigation is a group of individuals that were brought together as a team to document and study the phenomena known as Sasquatch aka Bigfoot.

Georgia Bigfoot Society @ Yahoo Groups
The official Yahoo discussion group for the Georgia Bigfoot Society.

Georgia Hikes
This is a great site for maps and info about hiking any where in Georgia. It has a lot of information here that would be of good use to Bigfoot researchers going afield.

Global Bigfoot Names
Recently I read that there are over 60 Native American Indian names for Bigfoot, which attracted my interest, so I went searching. And, as well as looking for those names, I decided to widen my search for some of the other names that are used around the world.

How To Cast A Footprint
This article describes the proper way to make a cast of a Sasquatch footprint.

Is Bigfoot Real
For over 400 years, there have been reporting’s of a man like animal that is completely covered in hair, running through the wilderness regions of North America. But is it true? Could something like Bigfoot really exist? Is this just something that people have made up to grab their five minutes of fame? Maybe, but then again, maybe not.

JEVNING RESEARCH.....In Search of the Unknown
From that day on for the next 25 years Dahinden and I were friends, and he mentored me in investigating the Sasquatch. I had one more sighting in 1988 on the Washougal river with four companions. I have since published my first book on the subject at the long suggestion of friends, it is called "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch" available on amazon.com and most large book stores. I continue to find evidence supporting the existence of the sasquatch and work toward proving it to science and the world. This site contains some of what I have found and information regarding my work. I have a blog I add to as more information comes in, its at jevningresearch.blogspot.com and I will be continually adding to this site as time allows.

Kentucky Bigfoot
The purpose of this website is to document all 'credible' Kentucky Bigfoot Sightings. The mission is to obtain 'one' database as to monitor population density and migration patterns for all reported Kentucky Bigfoot encounters. To determine authenticity, credit is given to each source and witnesses are contacted whenever possible. The information contained therein is being used solely for research and educational purposes. Some of the reports submitted to this website are in no way a reflection of it's webmaster's beliefs.

Letters From The Big Man
Letters from the Big Man is now available on DVD! Letters is a film by acclaimed writer/director Christopher Munch. Noted as the first true-to-life depiction of Sasquatch.

Michigan Bigfoot Information Center
We are a grass roots group of Michigan Residents pursuing studies into the Sasquatch Phenomena. Experience of our members varies from 10 years to a few months, and we are looking for new people in Michigan to join the group. As you will see from the listings on our "Michigan Sightings Page", there has been a history of Bigfoot/ Sasquatch activity in several parts of Michigan, yet we know of no organized effort to find out how many of these creatures may be in our state and what their range and habits may be.

Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center
Where researchers think outside the box!

Mountain Stewards
Our website chronicles our progress in the last several years. Since 2005 when we started building hiking trails, the Mountain Stewards have added recreational facilities valued at over $330,000 dollars in Pickens, Dawson and Gilmer Counties. We expect to begin adding facilities to Forsyth and Cherokee Counties in 2011. We have added over 32 miles of new hiking trails to North GA and three Canoe Launch facilities. Trail guides are available on the Mountain Trails pages of this website. Besides the physical reclamation of trails, we've collected some of the history of the area, and have catalogued an increasingly broad photographic database of the natural beauty of our mountain environment in Mountain Scenes - waterfalls, Indian Trail Trees, local bird life, and the wide range of wildflowers that bloom here. So take a look around the site, then print out a trail guide and a table of the seasonal birds and wildflowers, then hit the trails.

North American Bigfoot
The Website of Cliff Barackman, Bigfoot Field Researcher.

North American Bigfoot Blogspot
The research blog of Bigfoot field researcher Cliff Barackman.

North East Sasquatch Researchers Association (NESRA)
NESRA is an association of independent Bigfoot researchers and affiliated organizations who share strategies, theories, experiences and resources in a network, in hopes of discovering solid, scientific proof for the existence of the creatures known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. While we encourage independent thought among our members, we want to stress that as a group, we do not subscribe to the idea that Bigfoot is anything other than a "flesh -and-blood", corporeal animal. Bigfoot or Sasquatch-type creatures may be rare, elusive and unusual, but they are in no way supernatural.

Oregon Bigfoot
The official website of Autumn Williams, author of Enoch: A Bigfoot Story.

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium
This event was originally formed to unite Oregon researchers within the same venue to share information about what they have going on, basically in their own backyard. The Sasquatch phenomena is, of course, not only an Oregon experience, but given the history of this beautifully forested state, our Sasquatch is as much a part of our culture as the Douglas Fir trees that surround it.

Painted Cave, The
The following project represents the body of artwork that I have created and compiled. This page is meant for people who have seen the creature and are willing to analyze these sketches, and notice similarities between these sketches and their sightings. Clicking on any image will show a larger version.

PattersonFilm.com: An Analytical Look at the 1967 Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Incident
In 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin set out to film the unknown. A creature of myth, legend and folklore. On October 20th of that year, they captured the image of a terrifying man-beast, in which to this day still enthralls, enchants, and bewilders both scientist and laymen alike.
      The Patterson film is still by far the best all around evidence of a sasquatch creature to date. This website is dedicated to a logical debate of whether or not this was a genuine sighting of an unknown beast, or an elaborate hoax involving a man in a costume. We start at a neutral position because we are unsure of both positions, and in order to weigh all the evidence and circumstances surrounding this event in an unbiased manner. This debate is limited to the Patterson film incident only. We do not presume the Patterson film footage is an authentic creature, nor do we presume it was a hoax. Our mission in this research is to try to reveal the truth with the best possible historical evidence available.

Patterson-Gimlin Film (shake free)
This is an incredible gif animation that takes the shake out of the original Patterson-Gimlin film.

Patterson/Gimlin Film Frame Sketch
Roll your mouse over the image to see the original image vs. the sketch over image.

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society
The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society founded in 1998 is a not for profit organization who's pro active volunteer members conduct, year round Outings, Expeditions and Investigations into Bigfoot Sightings and reports in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas as reported to the organization through the website and various means.

Click here to read about Peter Byrne's White Water Expeditions in Nepal...

Phantoms and Monsters: Paranormal, UFOs, Cryptids and Unexplained Phenomena
The title pretty much covers it all. You can subscribe to daily email alerts from this blog by filling out the box on the top right.

Philip Spencer - The Wildman of Kentucky
Philip Spencer is the Author of "The Wildman Of Kentucky , The Mystery Of Panther Rock" which can be found in book and DVD format and has worked with the TV show MonsterQuest on The History Channel.

Project Bigfoot
The homepage for Project Bigfoot. Welcome to the future of the search for Bigfoot and Sasquatch. View pictures, videos, and much more. Get involved by submitting your sighting or ideas.

Relict Hominoid Inquiry, The
The objective of the RHI is to promote research and provide a refereed venue for the dissemination of scholarly peer-reviewed papers exploring and evaluating the possible existence and nature of relict hominoid species around the world.
      A strictly on-line free access publication, the RHI contains primarily Research Articles, as well as Commentary and Responses, Brief Communications, Essays, News and Views, and Book Reviews.

Sasquatch Research
If we are ever going to understand the relationship of Hominoids with Humans, in the flow chart of life on Earth and what their connection to us is, then we better start digging a lot deeper in every facet of Science or discipline that is relevant to Human Origins or the study of Primates in general. This is what we are all about.

Sasquatch Tracker
I am a private and independent researcher currently concentrating my search for sasquatch in the northern frontier of Alaska. The primary focus of my research, field investigation andexpeditions are in the interior of Alaska and the border area of the Yukon Territory.

Sasquatch Watch of Virginia
We are a Bigfoot and wildlife scientific field research association. We conduct initial field investigations and field research within areas of reported encounters or habitual recurring encounters. Our friendly research methods do "not" strive to harm or kill any wildlife. We seek to be cooperative and not hurtful to any person and to any public or private organizations.

Search For Bigfoot
To "intelligently and respectfully" discuss/debate the bigfoot phenomenon. The Search For Bigfoot Forum is specifically designed for those who research the mystery of Bigfoot. This forum is to provide communication between researchers/investigators locally, across the country or around the world. We welcome those who consider themselves armchair researchers, field researchers, those who are simply interested and even the occasional witness.

Shadowlands Bigfoot Page, The
Is it possible that a reclusive man-like creature inhabits the remote areas of our planet? Why not ? In many remote areas of the world there have been sightings of just such a creature. Known by many names such as Sasquatch, Yeti, Almas and many more. Is this an unknown primate, the "missing link" or some other yet unknown species ? There is evidence to support the existence of just such a creature in the Northwestern United States as well as other remote areas.

Sierra Sounds - The BigFoot Recordings
In the 1970s, Al Berry and Ron Morehead recorded a series of vocalizations of Bigfoot sounds while encamped in the high Sierras of California. At this site you can order CDs that detail the entire story of their efforts and include high quality digitized versions of the vocalizations that they recorded.

Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research
This site is dedicated to the research of Bigfoot encounters in the Tahoe and outlying Sierra region of Nevada and California. Bigfoot, or "Sasquatch" field research will be conducted as well as eyewitness interviews and investigations. Our mission is to gather the evidence necessary to prove the species existence, so ultimately, it's habitat, and way of life, can be protected.

Skunk Ape Files
The Skunk Ape Files Web Site is for all sightings in the state of Florida. Older sightings are listed under "Sightings" and years they happened in. The more recent sightings that are reported regardless of the year of sighting will be found under Recent Sightings. These sightings will go under regular Sightings at the end of the year as newer reports come in for 2010 and following years.

Skunk Ape Info
SkunkApe.Info is the official website of Dave Shealy's Skunk Ape Research Headquarters and Trail Lakes Campground in Ochopee, Florida. Skunk Ape Research Headquarters is open to the public 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm. You can purchase Skunk Ape memorabilia along with blow guns, knives and alligator heads at the Headquarters Store or on line, here. The Headquarters also features a Reptile & Bird Exhibit of huge gators, constrictors and a variety of exotic birds. Admission is $5 per person, children 5 and under free.

Southeast Sasquatch Association
A news information site on the World of Sasquatchery.

Squatch Detective Rako
The Squatch Detective TV Show with Steve Kulls your Host and Chris Bennett Co-Host, Sundays 8PM EST.

Timothy D Ervick - Hi everyone, I would just like to welcome you to my blog. I’m a Sasquatch researcher and investigator in Ontario, Canada. As well as this blog, I am the co-host of Simply Sasquatch Radio with Jason Goldring on blogtalk on Saturday mornings at 11:30am. Remember these are just my own opinions and thoughts.

SquatchMarks is an attempt to collect as many bigfoot / sasquatch links as possible in one list. New websites come on-line almost daily and others disappear. If you find a broken link, or know of a new website that you would like included please email me at stancourtney@hotmail.com.

Stan Courtney
This website is a place to share nature recordings, both mine and other researchers. I first began recording nature sounds as a college kid in Oregon in the 1960’s. With retirement I am again afforded the opportunity to pursue my life long passion.

Stocking Hominid Research
Stocking Hominid Research is dedicated to the scientific pursuit of knowledge and classification of Hominids typically known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot, and Skunk Ape. We use critical thinking and forensic procedure in our investigative process.

Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy
Dedicated to proving the existence of the animal known as Bigfoot.

The official blog site of Thom Powell, author of The Locals and Shady Neighbors.

United Bigfoot Research Group, The
Educating members and the public on current Bigfoot research.

Utah Squatching Group
The Utah Squatching Group was founded early in 2008 by Moose Magnet “John” and Boogey Man. For some of us we have been interested in the subject since our youth. We have not had a structured way to pursue our interest. Then along came the BFRO and pointed us in the right direction. We are now enthusiastically pounding the mountain sides every chance we get. We do not consider ourselves any kind of experts, just a group with a passion for fun, the outdoors, and of course, Sasquatch.

West Central Georgia Bigfoot Investigation
Welcome to the site of the West Central Georgia Bigfoot Investigation. Inspired by tales, stories, TV shows, and other things associated with Bigfoot creatures in Georgia, I decided to create a website dedicated to my search of the West Central Georgia Bigfoot.

Wild Bird Conservation Advocates
Dedicated to the Conservation and Protection of Wild Birds and their Habitats.

Willow Creek - China Flat Museum
When traveling the Trinity Highway stop in for a visit to our local Museum located in Willow Creek, just an hour from the coast of Arcata on Highway 299. The Willow Creek - China Flat Museum was started by a few folks, in 1988, interested in preserving history pertaining to the eastern part of Humboldt County and the western portion of Trinity County. .... One of our big attractions of course is the… "Bigfoot exhibit" containing generous donations of items including Bigfoot foot print casts, Bigfoot pictures, maps, and other papers exhibited in a building specifically built to house this collection.

West Central Georgia Forest Primate Research
Welcome to the home page of the West Central Georgia Forest Primate Research group.We conduct research in the West Central Georgia area looking for evidence of an unknown forest dwelling primate. Most people call that potential creature Bigfoot.

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