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Here you will find a collection of pictures taken during the course of our various field trips, interviews and follow ups. Click on the photos for an enlarged view. Please feel free to comment on this page.

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Members Caleb and Gerald Carroll take a break during a field trip to Sandy Gap.

Chasing Bigfoot is such hard work! You've got to take a break sometime.

If you see this guy and van, then you know that someone has seen a Bigfoot.

This Timber Rattlesnake was encountered on one of our recent field trips.


A bigfoot feeder at a GBS habituation site.

Steve Monk displays a footprint cast which was made by another GBS member.

If you will look closely at small area in this photo that lies just off center towards the upper right you can see some dermal ridges in this footprint cast.

As can be seen in this photo, the footprint is about 8 inches wide.

Use of a tape measure in this photo gives you an accurate idea of the length of this footprint -- a little over 15 inches.

This footprint was found by GBS Field Researcher Shane Honea on Corps of Engineers property along Lake Altoona, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta.

Annual meeting of the United Bigfoot Research Group in Eastern Tennessee
October 12-14, 2012

Judy and Terry talk with other UBRG members at the meet-up cabin.

Our cabin at the state park.

Sam, UBRG President and our driver for the ride up to the Festival.

Yours truly riding shotgun for the ride up.

A view of the lake near our cabin.

Getting underway for the eat-up at the meet-up.

A warning sign for the protection of bears posted on our picnic table.

The picnic area behind the main cabin at our meet-up.

Some of the UBRG members deploying for one of our night time encounter sessions with the Sasquatch.

A closeup view of the stick structure discovered at this year's UBRG Festival.

Rod lends some perspective on the size of the stick structure we found.

Another view of the stick structure.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Our group for this trip. From left to right: Shane, Kerry, Diane, Aaron and Steve. Photo by Joel.

Steve swaps places with the photographer in Picture 003.

Our group makes its way across a rock strewn slope, inroute to the very heart of Sasquatch country at Fort Mountain. This trek is not recommended for the weak at heart.

One of many large scat piles that we found along our trek of this part of the mountain. Through a careful process of illimination we ruled out bear, deer, coyote or other small animal as being the depositor of this pile.

This photo was taken at the furtherest point of our hike -- right in the very heart of Sasquatch country at Fort Mountain. In the distance can be seen some of the mountains of the Cohutta Wilderness.

GBS Field Researcher Shane Honea takes a short break and a moment to observe the view from the highlight point of our hike.


A view of the lake on Fort Mountain. A campsite with hookups is nearby.

A view from the Gahuti Trail on the south side of Fort Mountain. This trail, which runs for about 14 miles, completely encircles the mountain.

Part of the CCC Stone Tower Trail. This photo was taken while standing on the large rocks along this trail.

This stone tower stands on the top of Fort Mountain. A plaque at the base of the tower informs visitors that the land that now comprises Fort Mountain State Park was donated to the state of Georgia by Ivan Allen in 1935.

A long trail of wooden steps lead down to the West Overlook atop Fort Mountain.

A very scenic view from the West Overlook at Fort Mountain.

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