The Reasons Behind My Interest In Bigfoot

By Shane Honea

My interest in the creature know as Bigfoot started out when I was just a child. I was maybe eight or nine years old when I saw a late night movie called "The Legend of Boggy Creek". This movie held my attention more than any other movie I had ever seen. I was so captivated by this that I really started developing an interest in the Bigfoot field. After that I started watching every movie, documentry, and reading every book I could find on the subject. I did this for many years and still do so today.

Then, when I was about sixteen or seventeen years old, I had my first encount with this creature. I was coon hunting with two older friends in Barrow County, Georgia. At this time I had been hunting on this 3,000 acre tract of land for about two months. It was about 9 o'clock at night when the incident took place. It was a fairly cold night and very dark in those woods. We had smelt a terrible odor to which, at first, we had contributed to that of a skunk. After we passed through the area and out of the odor, we began to hear movement in the brush off of the trail behind us. We kept moving deeper into the woods some distance behind the hounds which had , by this time, was trailing a raccoon. The noises behind us kept getting closer and louder. We had first thought it was one of the dogs that had come back in to us for some reason. This was unusual to us as all of the hounds we had were champion coonhounds and would rather die than give up on running a raccoon. We began to curse and swear as we thought it was one of our hounds. We soon discovered that it was not one of our dogs. We could plainly hear each dog's voice in the front of us as they were bawling away in pursuit of the raccoon. My friend Hubert, jokingly said that it must be the "Werewolf" that was following us. He told Ray and myself to turn off our hunting lights and wait for a signal from him. At his signal we were to point our lights in the direction of the noise moving ever closer to us. Hubert had a .22 rifle that he carried that was for shooting the coon out of the tree after our dogs treed it. Hubert made the comment that if he didn't like what he seen in the beams of our lights that he was going to start shooting. At the signal Ray and I turned our lights on high and shined the beams in the direction of the noise. There in the light was a tall dark figure that ran off as soon as the lights were upon it. It was hugh and ran upright on two legs just like a man. This stunned all three of us and Hubert never fired a shot as he was not sure as to what we had just seen. This was not a man nor was it a bear. It was too large and bulky to be a man and was too large to be a black bear. Besides, a bear only walks on it's hind legs a short distance and awkwardly at that. This thing was sprinting away, leaning slightly forward as it moved. It was breaking branches and tree limbs as it ran away up a wooded hillside. It was soon out of hearing distance. We did not care to investigate it as we were too scared and shocked to do so. We then, after we calmed down, made our way to get the dogs and get back to the truck. Ater hurriedly putting the dogs in the dogbox and putting away our gear, we were soon on the old logging road getting out of there.

One the way home, Ray and Hubert began to talk about more experiences as well as footprints that they had seen on this tract of land. I continued to hunt here for many years afterwards. I never again saw or heard anything again. We did continue to smell that same odor that we smelt when we had the encounter. It always unnerved me a little everytime we hunted in that area. Was what we saw a Bigfoot? I think so and will continue to believe so till my dying day.

Since that first encounter I have continued to study the Bigfoot creature. I have had no further sights but have come across footprints as well as other evidence since that night coon hunting in Barrow County, Georgia. Will I ever see the creature again? I hope so. I continue to investigate the woods in my area and follow all the leads that I get about this creature. Maybe some day the mystery will be solved. Until then I will continue to search for this creature in the hopes of making contact.

I have told this story to only a few people over the years. Some believe me and others only laugh. Some folks don't believe in such things. I do as I have had a glimpsing glance of one and have come across more evidence in my years of amateur research. Who knows what dwells in the vast forests of North America. The Silverback Gorilla was only thought to be a legend until science proved otherwise. I await the day when science proves the exsistance of Bigfoot. Then and only then will everyone believe in the realness of this creature.

Shane Honea
Field Researcher,
Georgia Bigfoot Society