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Utah Bigfoot breakdown

"Last week in the mountains of Utah. Me and 6 friends were target shooting after a long day of fishing. We scared something from the trees. We had two separate cameras running as we were shooting.... None of us slept very well for the next couple of nights. We found some sort or 'hut' about 100 yards from our camp and tried not to disturb anything. None of us are believers or can truly explain what we saw. But, we saw something."

Faces in the Foliage: North Carolina Habituation Site

This video features the voice of one of the contributors to the book IMPOSSIBLE VISITS: The Inside Story of Interactions with Sasquatch at Habituation Sites. A "habituation site" is a place with which members of this primate species have become familiar, and return to repeatedly. Throughout North America, certain people have been able to establish a relationship with these visitors, often exchanging food and gifts. But the Sasquatch always maintain their distance; extreme stealth has allowed them to survive, alongside human beings, for hundreds of thousands of years. To read excerpts from the book, please visit The book can be ordered here.

Until very recently, our only publicly shared knowledge of Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot) came through chance encounters, fleeting glimpses, and the rare piece of movie or video footage. Yet meanwhile, throughout North America, certain people were busy pursuing private knowledge much more effectively. Now, IMPOSSIBLE VISITS, the first book of its kind, chronicles the groundbreaking work of such ordinary human beings who have experienced, sometimes for many years, consistent Sasquatch visitations to their homes and properties (at "habituation sites") and have sought--in the great and humane spirit of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey--to learn from this retiring, intelligent primate species. The book features half a dozen richly detailed first-person testimonials, which convey a textured sense of the nature and behavior of Sasquatch, and of the interactions one can have with members of this ancient race. This inter-species relationship is very strange and oblique, because Sasquatch has survived alongside Homo sapiens, down through the eons, thanks only to enormous stealth, to maintaining a necessary physical distance. The contributors to this book have succeeded, however, through patience and good will, not in erasing this distance but in establishing a mutual trust that allows for nonverbal, acoustical communication, the regular exchange of food and gifts, and even occasional clear sightings. IMPOSSIBLE VISITS also covers the author's own fieldwork in northern Vermont, as well as other late-breaking developments in the burgeoning field of Sasquatch research.

Some ask why we are even pursuing knowledge of this creature at all, when it clearly wishes to be left alone. In my view, this ethical issue needs to be seen through the prism of the certainty that a member of this species will, one day soon, be killed by one of the dozens of hunters currently devoted to making a name and a fortune for themselves, and armed with more and more refined and powerful thermal and night-vision technology. Less likely, a Sasquatch will be struck and killed by a vehicle. Less likely still, a dead individual will be stumbled upon, one who has perhaps broken from the group and therefore is not hidden by them after death. If the harvest of a specimen body (either by violence or by happenstance) were not inevitable, then the ethical question would be more acute. But given this inevitability, the overriding imperative, from my viewpoint, is that a solid infrastructure of knowledge be put in place, as much as possible, prior to the day of discovery, when the media will seek to spike ratings by provoking hysteria among the general public. The key, then, will be for the millions of suddenly fascinated yet anxious people to have readily accessible sources to consult in order to learn of the astonishing subtlety, intelligence, even the civility, of this species. Scott Nelson's linguistic analysis will advance this cause, too, forming part of the whole rich and elaborate picture that can serve to offset the media's sensationalistic caricature. All credible knowledge gained by then, especially the respectful, highly textured accounts shared by long-term habituators, will probably create the best barrier between Sasquatch and its would-be trophy hunters. With any luck, the contributions by these ordinary, non-scientist researchers will augment efforts toward establishing legislation protecting the species going forward. Best-case scenario: Though the first man to "bag" a Sasquatch will (unavoidably) become rich and famous, the second, and all subsequent, will be thrown in jail for life.


This video was filmed by an individual in the Everglades who managed to capture on tape the Skunk Ape, which is also known as the Florida Bigfoot. This BBC special covers the footage of the creature.

Two Sasquatches Shot and Killed (Part 1): Justin Smeja Interviewed January 1, 2012

On October 8, 2010, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Justin Smeja and his hunting buddy allegedly came upon an adult Sasquatch and two young ones. Smeja says that in the confusion that followed, he killed the adult and one of the juveniles. Here is his story.

Sasquatches Shot and Killed: Interview with the Shooter
Audio interview. Turn up your sound.

Giant Foot Print 200 Million Yrs Old - South Africa
Michael Tellinger shows off what could be one of the best pieces of evidence that there were giants on Earth a long, long time ago. Geologists have marvelled at this giant foot print in rough granite, about 4 feet long.

Best Evidence-Bigfoot
Recent Discovery Channel Special featuring Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel

2011 North Georgia Expedition
Law enforcement officer Jason Vogan describes Bigfoot incident during the North Georgia Expedition and a visual through night vision lenses; the debrief is interesting to watch.

Bluff Creek Film Site Project, Introduction Part 1, 09-15-2010

Faces in the Foliage: North Carolina Habituation Site

Bigfoot VIDEO: Legendary Creature On Camera In Spokane, Washington?

Bigfoot encounter at the Oregon Caves

This is a clip from a newly released short documentary from on psychologist Matthew Johnson's Bigfoot sighting at the Oregon Caves. Johnson and a film crew went back to the place it happened to tell his story and it includes Johnson's video footage from Bigfoot research expeditions he took after the sighting. His encounter has been called one of the most credible sightings of the last 20 years.

Conundrums Episode #26 - Jeffery Wells: Bigfoot In Georgia

EP#26 Jeffery Wells: Bigfoot In Georgia; Southern Sasquatch; Research Author, Historian; Georgia Military College Professor. Jeffery Wells' new book, Bigfoot In Georgia looks at the history of sightings as well as the current state of the hunt for bigfoot in the Peach State. In this episode Professor Wells discusses several Georgia Bigfoot Encounters as well as his thoughts on the origin of Sasquatch!

Boy films bigfoot in backyard

Thanks to facebook/findbigfoot for this video. An eleven year old uses his HD flip camera to capture the best image of a Sasquatch foot lifting and rising with turn. Showing inline step and compliant gate. Confirms on almost every physiological and morphological point. This is a wonderful recording of a real genuine encounter.

Thanks to Top 50 Sasquatch Verified Videos of all time/facebook for this video

Possibe Bigfoot Tree Formation

This is a good training video on how to track Sasquatch and what to look for.

Bigfoot crying 2/4/2011
(Turn your speakers on for this one.)

A Mount Ranier resident has audio recording from around his home of what he believes to be the cry of Bigfoot. Washington is in fact home of the Sasquatch, named by local Native Americans, and this post is absolutely haunting. The sound was heard over several days in the area by several residents and the following sounds are what one resident was able to catch on separate occasions. Whether or not it is the cry of Bigfoot, it certainly is a fascinating recording.

Bigfoot 2005 California

This was shot in 2005 in California. It's a possibility that this footage could be an authentic piece of Sasquatch evidence. The subject is covering a lot of ground, running very fast(unlikely that it's a suit because it's running without any signs of clumsiness), and it's running around it's enviornment with complete ease. Plus the subject is massive and has some interesting muscles in the back. But it's hard to tell without a front shot of the creature.

Mike Rugg Reviews: 50 Years with Bigfoot: Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence

Mike talks about the controversial book, "50 Years with Bigfoot"

Bernard Heuvelman Interview

Skunk Ape: The Legend of the Florida Everglades

Skunk Ape Documentary (Florida's BIGFOOT/SASQUATCH) (Short Version)

Dr. Jeff Meldrum on Sasquatch

Dr. Jeff Meldrum examining casts

The Skunk Ape - Genuine footage of the "Florida Bigfoot"

This video was filmed by an individual in the Everglades who managed to capture on tape the Skunk Ape, which is also known as the Florida Bigfoot. This BBC special covers the footage of the creature.

Aerial Search for Bigfoot

The X Creatures Episode 4 "Shooting The Bigfoot" Part 1

Bigfoot Search is on in Wilkes County, North Carolina

McKenzie River Oregon, Bigfoot Footage, trimmed

This clip shows what seems to be a long armed dark creature standing up and walking away on the edge of the river. The film was taken from some whitewater row boats passing through the river.

The BFRO has said that nothing about the incident so far points to it being a hoax or a case of mistaken identity and the behavior and physical appearance of the figure seem consistent with a Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Bigfoot is commonly spotted and reported being seen along rivers and creeks. Also the area or Oregon known as the "Three sisters region" has a history of Bigfoot sightings and track finds.

Bigfoot hunted by helicopter

Does this video really show a Bigfoot being hunted by helicopter or is this just perhaps another "Great North" type misidentification, or even, perhaps, an outright hoax? Look closely at about the 34 second mark for a small dark figure running from cover in the upper right background of the video, just above the heads of the family of recreational shooters. The figure runs across the scene briefly and then crouches down, apparently watching the shooters in the foreground. I will say this much, the dark figure does appear to be rather bulky.

Bigfoot Slowed Down & Magnified

All of the Bigfoot footage you are about to see was shot within the matter of about a minute it is Slowed Down & Magnified.

Videos from Sasquatch The Quest

The Erickson Project
Privately funded since 2005, The Erickson Project is actively researching sasquatch at various study sites in North America. The goal of Adrian Erickson and his team is to have the collected evidence validated by science and the sasquatch officially recognized as a species or sub-species.

The documentary “Sasquatch, the Quest” is part of the Erickson Project and will unveil, for the first time, a host of never before seen sasquatch footage and other evidence chronicling the journey of the Erickson Project. The release of the documentary will coincide with the release of the DNA findings collaboratively with Dr. Melba Ketchum.

Tim Peelers Bigfoot the real story

Tim Peeler describes what he saw that night around his house. He gives chilling details of his confrontation with a creature that stood 10 feet tall!

BFGTV-Video Vault-Ruby Creek Incident

In Search Of... Bigfoot (Part 1 of 3) Nimoy

In Search Of... Bigfoot (Part 2 of 3) Nimoy

South Idaho bigfoot sighting

The first ever thermal image of Bigfoot recorded by BFRO

Ben Matine Bigfoot Photo Series...

Freeman Bigfoot Footage

Bigfoot Sasquatch Ontario Sightings
(Snelgrove Lake MonsterQuest crew member)

Sasquatch Ontario sightings up north have become more common in the past few years. Is there a Bigfoot that will be captured in Canada's North. Snelgrove Lake has some very interesting findings.

Mike Greene Interview

Bigfoot Researcher, Matt Moneymaker - Founder of BFRO

BFRO Thermal Video Cropped