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Report on Bigfoot Habituation in Carroll County

REPORT FILED BY: K. Steven Monk, Director, Georgia Bigfoot Society

DATE OF INVESTIGATION: Saturday and Sunday, August 11-12, 2012

LOCATION: Near Carrollton, Georgia, exact location not disclosed.

On Saturday afternoon I arrived at the residence of Dusty and Lori Chandler. They live in a very rural community a few miles from Carrollton. farming and the raising of livestock appeared to be the main industry of this community. The landscape is covered by a lot of small ponds and lakes. Many streams run through vast acreages of heavily wooded forests. A power line clearing ran past one side of the Chandler's propety.

I found Dusty and Lori to be a very likeable and hospitable couple. I would describe them as being very amiable country folks who work hard to enjoy their very modest lifestyle. They are very fond of their pets, of which they have many: a large number of cats and three dogs (two Chihuahuas and one black, mixed breed that they call Tiger). Tiger was kept on a leash line a little ways from their back porch. He had been known to frequently bark at night at the Foots (as the Chandler's call the Bigfoot creatures) when they would come onto the Chandler's property.

After some brief introductions following my arrival, the Chandlers immediately took me on a tour of their property to show me evidence of the habituation of the Foots there. One of the first things they showed me was a place they called the "gift tree," which was two small trees running side-by-side to each other and running off at at a slight angle, their trunks creating a long fork. In the evenings the Chandlers would place a small, plastic container with a lid on it into the fork of these two trees. Inside the container they would place different food items for the Foots. The Chandlers explained to me that by the next day these items would usually be gone and the containers lying open and scattered around the area in different places, but usually not too far from the gift tree. I would later find out just how reliably this sequence of events worked.

The primary substrate in the forest area around the Chandlers' property was pinestraw, littered here and there by leaves from the few hardwoods in the area. As the Chandlers led me on the tour I began to see many places where the pinestraw had been matted down by someone or something sitting or lying in those spots. Also, a number of trails through the pinestraw had been created by creatures using them on a regular basis. There were also an impressive number of structures in this area, such as teepees, leantos, etc. which had obviously been created by intelligent design and not by chance of nature (tree falls, bent trees, etc.).

After my tour of the Chandlers' property, we went inside their house and Dusty and Lori showed me some of the many pictures they had taken over the past two years of their habituation with these creatures there. I will try and get some of these pictures up on the GBS website as soon as Lori sends them to me. The Chandlers also showed me a number of items they had in their possession that were left to them as "gifts" by the Foots. These included, but were not limited to, such things as a bracelet, a pair of tweezers and a number of tool-shaped stones. These items were unusual enough and placed in such a way that they could not be ruled out as just being coincidental junk that just happened to land somewhere in their yard. Call it paranormal if you will, but I got a very eerie feeling while handling these items.

Late that afternoon Dusty and Lori ran into town and brought us back some burgers. After dinner Lori and Dusty prepared a few treats for the Foots. They placed these into a small plastic container and then went outside and placed this into the gift tree. I also prepared some offerings of my own which I placed into a separate container and placed this too into the gift tree. The food items I placed into my container consisted of some Jack Links Beef Jerkey and a few Ritz crackers. No, I wasn't trying to mess with Sasquatch by placing the Jack Links in the container, but I did think it to be a rather appropriate food item.

As evening came I went back out into the woods and took up a position a little ways off of a rear corner of the back of the Chandlers' house. From where I sat, I had a good view of the cat cages and of Tiger on his leash at the other end of the house. Although the Chandlers had offered me a comfy spot on their sofa I told them I wanted to spend the night in the woods to see what might develop with the creatures. From where I sat I could just barely see some of the white of the plastic containers containing our gifts to the Foots which we had placed in the gift tree. I surmised at that point that even if one of the creatures did come along to take our gifts, he would be difficult to see in the dark with all the brush that stood between me and the gift tree. But I was determined to observe what I could.

Through the night there was a little activity going on, but not a whole lot. I distinctly heard a few branches breaking up in the woods behind me, but I was never able to discern what their source was. A opposum came out of the woods three different times that night trying to get at the cat's food. I ran him off each time. Then, along about midnight or maybe a little after, Tiger began baring at something furiously that was a ways off into the woods at the other end of the house. I sat and watched intently off in that direction for a while, but nothing ever came out of the woods. Finally, along about 1:30 AM, I was getting a little tired so retired to my Ford Explorer to get some rest. I observed or heard nothing the rest of the night.

About 6:30 day broke and I awoke and got out of my car. I went out into the woods to check on the gift tree. The plastic cups that we had left containing our gifts to the Foots were gone. I did some scouting around in the woods and eventually found both of them. The containers were found lying on the ground with their lids pulled off and their contents gone. The first container I found lying about 40 or 50 feet beyond the gift tree. The other one, the one I had placed in the tree, I found lying off in another direction from the gift tree about 100 to 150 feet from it.

From the numerous tree structures, footprints, bedding areas and trails in the pine straw that I observed on the Chandlers' property, it is evident that the Sasquatch are there. Also taken into account were the large number of footprints that I observed in the area, some of them fairly fresh. I have photos of some of these things and will be placing them here on the GBS website as I have time to do so. It was undoubtedly only the shyness and prowess of the creatures that prevented me from seeing one. The Chandlers have personally seen them on a number of occasions. There was no doubt in their minds that these creatures exist and are out there on their property in significant numbers.

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Watcher in the Woods

This photo was taken by Lori Chandler randomly as we all walked through the woods Saturday. The face in the woods was discovered later by the Chandlers as they examined the photos that were taken. Lori named this creature Vincent because of his resemblence to the creature in "Beauty and the Beast."

Analyses of the Watcher

This is an analyses of the photo of Vincent that Lori Chandler made in order to show what she is actually seeing in the photo.

Big Mama

This is another photo of a creature's face that was discovered in the same way that the photo of Vincent was. The Chandlers named this individual Big Mama.


This footprint was found in the driveway at the end of the house. It is one of many that have been found by the Chandlers since the Foots took up residence on their property.


One of the many stick structures that we found on our walk in the woods Saturday.